U – Wish Fit LLC was founded by Jiteshia Taylor. A single mother of 4 children, 1 daughter and 3 sons, registered nurse and native of Saginaw, MI. Jiteshia truly believes God called her to lead by helping others obtain optimal health and wellness evidenced by over fifteen years of continued service as a healthcare professional. Nursing has been her passion and gift. She has exhibited style and grace within the field holding various leadership and educational roles as well as academic excellence awards throughout her studies. Jiteshia found her zeal in cardiovascular nursing. She has touched many lives, witnessing many illnesses preventable by modifiable risk factors such as lack of exercise and unhealthy diets. Her fitness journey like many has been off and on dating back to 2013 following the tragic death of her first brother. It was one of the ways she utilized to endure. She silently suffered antepartum and postpartum depression with her youngest child. She joined her local YMCA when he was 6 months old, exercise again was a stress reliever and coping mechanism, her “me time”. Applying her studies in evidenced based practices, anatomy, physiology and nutrition she began to examine her past results, her likes and dislikes, studying fitness more. Sharing her journey on social media she recognized the influence she held receiving lots of feedback from others as well as inquires for guidance and training. Throughout Jiteshia’s years of service she has wanted to aid in stopping that revolving door, realizing the threat healthy and knowledgeable individuals hold on the healthcare system. She enrolled in the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA) certified personal training and sports nutrition programs.

U – Wish Fit is an empowerment of mothers, go getters and women who carry so much on their plates often time, losing themselves and self confidence in the service of being busy. An encouragement of self-care mentally, spiritually and physically. U – Wish Fit is committed to fostering change, ending generation curses and stereotypes. To facilitate the eat to live not live to eat lifestyle promoting healthy alternatives and practices. We believe our bodies are our biggest and best accessory, as such encouraging people to invest in themselves not just financially but “me time”. We can carry the weight of the world, and no one may know it. Jiteshia knows first-hand the struggles with finding balance, building hope and renewing faith. Stars are symbolic of many things: hope, ambition, divine guidance and protection. U – Wish Fit is illustrative of our strength, how women continue to shine even in their darkest hours, a reminder that you can do and have whatever it is you wish for.

U – Wish Fit offers fitness coaching and fitness plans that require little to no equipment, doable in as little as 30 minutes/day for busy mothers and women like herself. Hand in hand U – Wish Fit has merchandise such as resistance bands, reusable sauna wraps and waist trainers to aid in reaching your goals. Look good in U – Wish Fit Athleisure Wear cute and comfortable for exercising and or lounging yet stylish enough to wear busy on the go.